Step 1 - Design Consultation
We use our experience and knowledge and combine it with your ideas, hopes and dreams to create a room that's as perfect as it can be.  Form meets function, light and space,  where everything comes together to make a functional space that looks as good as it works. We then help you to select the right products to meet the design and establish a suitable budget.

Step 2. - Preparation
We then produce a technical design for approval and a project plan to make sure the job goes smoothly. We employ all of the team needed for your project.  We make sure they turn up when they’re needed and do the job correctly.  Stripping out the old, preparing the surfaces, leveling, sealing, painting, tiling,  wiring, plumbing - getting everything just right for your new room.

Step 3.  Installation
Once the room is ready, the new furniture and appliances are fitted. Work surfaces carefully cut to size and expertly fitted, floors laid, walls tiled, things that need painting are painted.  Final decoration applied by experts to complete the look.

Step 4.  Final Handover
We take a pride in the work we do and we make sure the project is finished to the highest standards before we consider the work to be complete.